Many thanks!

Dear Kane,

I am writing to thank you for the way in which, you and your company handled the importing and clearing of my motor boat in Sydney, from Southampton in the UK.

From the time Peters and May, UK recommended you, it was just plain sailing!

Before being recommended to you, I was dealing with a company based in Sydney (Seven Star) and due to their unacceptable business behavior, there was a moment, I thought I would never see my boat arrive here. The agreement I had with them, was that my boat was to be shipped from Southampton to Sydney. I had never imported anything before, so this was all very new to me.

My boat was in the process of being finished off at Warsash Marine, Southampton (wouldn’t recommend them), when “Sevenstar” gave me a date of “a week’s notice” that my boat had to be ready for loading. Warsash Marine was put under immense pressure to finish things off to get the boat ready on time. A day before the ship arrived, we were told that the ship no longer was docking in Southampton and to make matters worse they could not tell me when the next ship was due! I was told maybe a month or two but they would stay in touch. A month later I am told, that the next ship was not going to be docking in Southampton, but would now be docking in Antwerp, Belgium and I had to get my boat transported across the channel on a flat bed truck to Antwerp for an additional fee of GBP 2,800. Can you imagine the crisis if my boat was off loaded at the quay in Antwerp and the ship never docked? I was having sleepless nights as my boat was not insured.

It was at this point that I started looking at alternatives to ship my boat to Aus and that is when I discovered Peter and May and yourselves, you being their clearing agent in Australia.

From the moment I had dealings with you, I could not believe how smoothly everything was handled.

1) The correspondence between yourself and Peters and May, UK, always kept me informed and copied in.
2) Immediate response to my emails, with all my queries.
3) Sorting out a quick wash down at quarantine on arrival, to minimize delays and storage costs
3) Recommending and organizing a surveyor attendance to “oversee staging of boat from the mafi trailer to the transport float” in
Port Kembla on arrival
4) Organizing the transport of the boat on a flat bed truck from Port Kembla to Bay View, Northern Beaches (150 kms)
5) Ensuring the offloading by crane and that the boat safely put into the water at the Quays Marina.

In ending, I want to thank you again for the peace of mind you gave me, after finding myself in a situation which could have gone so
horribly wrong.
Feel free to forward this email onto anyone who may be hesitant in using your professional services!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Kit Muller

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