You have a good bunch of people that work for you. They are all very helpful and responsive they all sound like they really take pride in their work.

Kind Regards,

Import clearance: Insequent


Great news!

I have been telling everyone, sometimes in online forums, that you guys do a great job. Thanks to all in your team!

Cheers – Brian
Brian Gibson

Bruce & Nicole Adamson

Dear Kane Bygrave,

I would like to thank you and Joel for your efforts and timely response to my situation the previous customs agent left me in. With only one week before the arrival of our boat the other broker told me he couldn’t handle the job as it was too difficult and he did not have the experience or knowledge to complete the delivery of our boat.

Within one hour of my first phone call to Kane they assured me they could help, a big sigh of relief, and to make things worse I was interstate at the time. Kane and Joel both sent me the documents and said not to worry, they would look after everything.

By the time I arrived home everything was arranged for the water drop of our boat directly into the water from the ship, from what I understand not a very easy thing to accomplish at the best of time. The service I received from both guys was absolutely first class and information up to date at all times. They also let me do as much as wanted to help with the process and reduce my costs.

When I received the quote and bill I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that not only had they helped me out with such short notice but I did not get charged a premium for there efforts. There costs were very competitive and for what you received I would not hesitate using them or recommending these guys to anyone who is wanting to import a boat. If this is any indication of how they run there business I think you could ship anything with these guys trouble free.

Again I would like to say thanks from my wife and I for providing us with peace of mind.


Bruce & Nicole Adamson


Hi Kane,

We value the services of Aurora and always admire the way you manage your business. I admire your humility and the business principles you abide with. You have always given us 100% attention when required, personally. Not many successful business owner continue to treat their customers with the same care and attention over a period of years.

Look forward to meeting with you.

Best Regards,
Leng Ho

Kind words: SY Adios III Official imported into Australian waters

Dear Joel,

Thanks very much for making the whole process so professional and straight

forward. It all looked a bit challenging at the outset!

Best regards

David Groves

Shipping of Dionysus VI

Just a quick note.

To thank you for your assistance. It went very smoothly in Brisbane and I was very impressed with the service and set up also.

The boat was immaculately clean and past inspection without a problem although they had trouble finding the key for the ag inspection so we will need a better system for next time.
The trip down went smoothly and we have two very proud owners at Runaway Bay. Thanks again

Dean Salthouse

Thank You

Ladies, Gentleman, I just wanted to thank each of you for your superb communication during the process of shipping PENDANA out of the USA to Australia. I realise the boat is not here just yet but am sure it will arrive as per schedule and that she will be in good shape. I just wanted to thank you all now as I know once the boat is here, I will be pretty busy for a month or so and as such, will no doubt forget to say thank you.

Your communication has been superb, your attitude has been spot on and your responsiveness to my requests have been excellent. Basically you have exceeded my expectations and let me tell you that’s not easy to do. So, thank you very much for all your effort and hard work. Perhaps we will get a chance to meet on day of unloading or the day before when hopefully we can gain access so that we can fit our new HYD motor.

Ok thats all for now, other than to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Warm regards
Dr James Ellingford


My boat has completed all the customs and importation requirements

I wanted to thank you and your team for excellent job execution – in particular Joel Kenny, who has done a truly professional job in keeping me informed regarding status, requirements, follow-up and pricing.

I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for an Australian boat import agency

I have taken the liberty of including Peters and May as a recipient of this email

Thanks again for a job well done


Many thanks!

Dear Kane,

I am writing to thank you for the way in which, you and your company handled the importing and clearing of my motor boat in Sydney, from Southampton in the UK.

From the time Peters and May, UK recommended you, it was just plain sailing!

Before being recommended to you, I was dealing with a company based in Sydney (Seven Star) and due to their unacceptable business behavior, there was a moment, I thought I would never see my boat arrive here. The agreement I had with them, was that my boat was to be shipped from Southampton to Sydney. I had never imported anything before, so this was all very new to me.

My boat was in the process of being finished off at Warsash Marine, Southampton (wouldn’t recommend them), when “Sevenstar” gave me a date of “a week’s notice” that my boat had to be ready for loading. Warsash Marine was put under immense pressure to finish things off to get the boat ready on time. A day before the ship arrived, we were told that the ship no longer was docking in Southampton and to make matters worse they could not tell me when the next ship was due! I was told maybe a month or two but they would stay in touch. A month later I am told, that the next ship was not going to be docking in Southampton, but would now be docking in Antwerp, Belgium and I had to get my boat transported across the channel on a flat bed truck to Antwerp for an additional fee of GBP 2,800. Can you imagine the crisis if my boat was off loaded at the quay in Antwerp and the ship never docked? I was having sleepless nights as my boat was not insured.

It was at this point that I started looking at alternatives to ship my boat to Aus and that is when I discovered Peter and May and yourselves, you being their clearing agent in Australia.

From the moment I had dealings with you, I could not believe how smoothly everything was handled.

1) The correspondence between yourself and Peters and May, UK, always kept me informed and copied in.
2) Immediate response to my emails, with all my queries.
3) Sorting out a quick wash down at quarantine on arrival, to minimize delays and storage costs
3) Recommending and organizing a surveyor attendance to “oversee staging of boat from the mafi trailer to the transport float” in
Port Kembla on arrival
4) Organizing the transport of the boat on a flat bed truck from Port Kembla to Bay View, Northern Beaches (150 kms)
5) Ensuring the offloading by crane and that the boat safely put into the water at the Quays Marina.

In ending, I want to thank you again for the peace of mind you gave me, after finding myself in a situation which could have gone so
horribly wrong.
Feel free to forward this email onto anyone who may be hesitant in using your professional services!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Kit Muller