Bruce & Nicole Adamson

Dear Kane Bygrave,

I would like to thank you and Joel for your efforts and timely response to my situation the previous customs agent left me in. With only one week before the arrival of our boat the other broker told me he couldn’t handle the job as it was too difficult and he did not have the experience or knowledge to complete the delivery of our boat.

Within one hour of my first phone call to Kane they assured me they could help, a big sigh of relief, and to make things worse I was interstate at the time. Kane and Joel both sent me the documents and said not to worry, they would look after everything.

By the time I arrived home everything was arranged for the water drop of our boat directly into the water from the ship, from what I understand not a very easy thing to accomplish at the best of time. The service I received from both guys was absolutely first class and information up to date at all times. They also let me do as much as wanted to help with the process and reduce my costs.

When I received the quote and bill I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that not only had they helped me out with such short notice but I did not get charged a premium for there efforts. There costs were very competitive and for what you received I would not hesitate using them or recommending these guys to anyone who is wanting to import a boat. If this is any indication of how they run there business I think you could ship anything with these guys trouble free.

Again I would like to say thanks from my wife and I for providing us with peace of mind.


Bruce & Nicole Adamson

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